Clients come to us to help them enter a new market, promote an export, find an investor and/ or to help them make projects happen often in difficult and opaque environments. In an emerging context often there are no defined paths which means sometimes you have to chart your own course and to do that you require experienced hands. Over the years our expertise in emergent markets has been utilized by investors, companies, think tanks, universities, counties, states and countries.


Africa Markets Access Portfolio, 2005 – Present
We have completed many projects for foreign companies looking to access markets in Africa. These projects includes the entire Sub-Saharan (SSA) geography (West, east, central and southern Africa.). Our project portfolio reflects the wide ranging interest show by our clients from the Asia, the BRICS, Turkey, Europe and the United States (US) in Africa’s fast growing economies. Sectors that have always drawn interest include infrastructure, construction, natural resources, mining and oil and gas. And interest in newer sectors such as agriculture, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare services, information communications technologies (ICT), security, drones, advanced manufacturing, renewables, supermarkets, groceries, apparel and high end fashion as well as many others continues. As a result of our work throughout SSA we have built up a unique body of knowledge in-house on numerous countries and sectors that are propriety to the company and which our clients are leveraging in support of their projects throughout the continent.

New Energy Solutions Africa, 2012-Present
We are advising African governments, private companies, investment groups and indigenous power producers on structuring projects in renewable energy such as solar, wind, biomass and geothermal. Our services include origination, financing, project build out as well as management.

African Ag Exporters International Market Access, 2009-Present
We are creating value for leading African agro-commodities exporters by enabling them to access international markets for a variety of commodities such as cocoa, coffee, cashews, beeswax, birds eye chilies, sesame seeds, gum Arabic, pepper corns, cinnamon, pigeon peas, yellow grams, green moong beans and sisal. We help companies create sustainable value chains by advising them on how to better coordinate and improve a host of complex processes involved in exporting products to international clients.

US-Indiana-China; MOFCOM-CIPA Investment Visit 2012
We organized, led and managed the first visit to Indiana from China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and China Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA) in July, 2012. Purdue University’s, Global Business Engagement (GBE) with sponsorship funds from Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) and several other local organizations retained us to help promote Chinese investment to West Lafayette, Indiana, where Purdue University is located as well as to many parts of the state. A senior delegation of comprised of 22 key decision-makers from 10 Chinese provinces were in the delegation led by Mr. Yao Jinglin, Assistant Director at CIPA. The delegation was hosted by the Mayor of Indianapolis and the Lt. Governor of the state. Chuanshui Zhong and Asoka Ranaweera were the lead advisors on the project.

Sino-African Investment and Trade Analysis 2009
We helped a leading African research institute to complete one of the first of its kind studies of investment and trade patterns between Africa and China. This study was done by Africans for the purpose of providing an African perspective on one of the most important investment and trade relationships in recent times. Specifically, we were responsible for organizing, leading and managing direct high level face to face engagement between African researchers and Chinese state owned and private companies, investment funds, think tanks, universities and leading government agencies. This study provided fresh perspectives on the much talked about Afro-Sino bilateral investment and trade relationship. The project was completed in June, 2009. Asoka Ranaweera was the lead China advisor on the project.


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